Scrambled Thoughts

Monday, September 22, 2014

 As time proceeds and becoming an adult approaches, I begin to look back on how my childhood has been. Adulthood is a scary thing, it brings responsibility that can weigh you down, new experiences that although can be exciting, are just as equally as terrifying. Although it can bring happy things, new friendships, new people, all of those things are exactly what they propose to be: New. 

I have been so fortunate in my childhood to be blessed with the people around me. I am blessed with my family who have only tried to give me the very best even if that is something that may be too expensive or too costly in other terms, but with all that, they have still some how done it, which I over looked and didn't appreciate being young and selfish. I am blessed with my friends, who always seem to be there when I am shattered and need putting back together (metaphorically of course). And finally I am blessed with my boyfriend, who time and time again, amazes me on how someone can be so good and kind, and makes me want to be like him, a better version of myself. 

I am not ready to give all these things up. But really who is, sacrificing what you know and love for things that are unclear, better or worse, is what growing up is about. 

This year, I will savour every second I have, even if it carries a sombre note.

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