3 Ways To Get Over Exam Stress!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Exam period. 

That long awaited time is upon us all, stressed teens around the nation are wanting to pull their own hair out at the thought of opening another text book and staring at it for 2 hours hoping the information will magically appear. 

Dealing with anxiety is stressful enough, but through such a presured time as exams, I thought I'd give you my 3 top tips I use to calm myself down. 


Reassuring myself I can do this, I can learn the information and pass my exam is my number one tip for you all. Telling yourslef negative thoughts is the easiest thing that comes to mind when your self esteem isn't too high, but allowing the negative thoughts will only create a self fulfilling prophecy in itself (sociological terms coming in there - revision is taking over my life), so think positive and positive things will happen! 


If you've done the work, it'll show. If you've prepared yourself enough, the worry shouldn't have to enter your mind, you know the content, all you have to do is prove it.


I know this one seems silly, but breathing in and out slowly is the best way to calm myself down during a panic attack. The sternness factor comes into when you're feeling sorry for yourself and you start to cry at how this could 'possibly be your life right now and sucks so much', you tell yourself to man up, and you're not going to pass your exams by crying or pitying yourself. Buckle up soldier, it'll be tough, but worth it. 

Good luck to everyone sitting their exams in the next few weeks. I hope you get what you want!

- Sarah.

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