MUA Single Eyeshadow Review - £1!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

 MUA Eyeshadows Review
I own 4 eyeshadows of the MUA range, I own some palletes but the single eyeshadows blow me out of the water, the consistency of the shimmery eyeshadows are creamy and extremely pigmented, more pigmented than Mac eyeshadows in my opinion. And all of these for £1! The only downnside is the limited everyday eyeshadows, I'd love to see new shimmery colours added that can be used in my everyday makeup route, like a pink or a very light gold.

 My favourite shade is 'Copper', not sure why it's
 called this as it is a gold shade. The eyeshadow is better used on a wet brush as the shimmer becomes more pigmented, and creates an amazing golden goddess eyelook, I 100% recommend.
 This shade is called 'Onyx', it is a shimmery blackish grey colour and looks amazing for a smokey eye on a night out.
 This is called 'Bronze' and is my second favourite shade in the collection, It is a shimmer shade with the name explaining the shade to the T: Bronze! This goes very well with the shade 'Cooper'.
 This is a matte shade named 'Chestnut'. I find the matte shades are less pigmented than the shimmer shades however for a pound it is still amazing!
A swatch of Copper
Bronze on the left, Copper on the right.

Onyx on the left, Bronze in the middle, and Copper on the right.
Onyx on the left, Bronze next (Left to right) Copper and then Chestnut.

Thanks everyone!

- Sarah.

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