My Boots & Heels Collection!

Monday, July 06, 2015

 Here is my newest video on youtube! My shoe collection:

If you didn't or can't watch the video, I've added snapshots of the shoes, although I would highly recommend the video as it will be better quality! Here are the shoes:

These ones are from New Look, they are a few years old, but comfortable to an extent, and easy to slip on. These tend to make an outfit look a bit more glam.

The ones below are from Topshop, have a fake leather look, fur lining and lace up.

 These are from Primark, they have a fake leather look, lace up and a zip in the back. They add a bit of height with more comfort as they are the same height heel and platform.

The ones below centre are from Dune. They rub a bit at the front so i usually wear transparent socks with them, and are actually quite comfortable with the heel!

 These are from Coach. The straps at the front need to be worn in as originally they are quite tight. They also after an hour or so walking are quite uncomfortable.

The shoes below are from Matalan, I have had these forever and cant recommend enough! My most comfortable heels by far.

 These are from Office. They are brown leather mules. The heel is wide which offers more comfort, however, will become more uncomfortable as they day goes on. The leather is still however very soft.

Below are classic black heels from Matalan. Although they are affordable and have lasted a good while, they aren't very comfortable.

 These are from Primark. They look AMAZING but are SO uncomfortable.

Below are from Public Desire. They are semi comfortable yet rub after wearing them for a while or dancing in them causing blisters.

 These are my first ever heels from Matalan. Nude and small heeled, yet still a bit tight, due to the fake material.

 Below are from Dune.They are my favourite heeled boots, have a semi pointed toe and are real leather. I love the contrast between the tan block heel (which makes it more comfortable for the foot) and the black leather look.

Above are from Dune. Great for the summer and  very comfortable.

To the right are from Matalan. Quite comfortable although the fitting isn't too aesthetically pleasing so I tend to push them towards the back of my wardrobe.

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