The Road To Happiness

Thursday, August 06, 2015

'A puppy,' a 'new bike' or '100 million pounds'. These are some of the things people probably wish for when blowing out their birthday candles or seeing a shooting star. Every time - (as far as I can remember - I imagine at the age of 10 it was probably a secret lab like on Dexter's Laboratory) - no matter what the wish granting system may be, I wish for exactly the same thing: happiness. 

I'm not sure if saying it typing it out loud will reverse the effect as you're not meant to tell anyone what you wish for, but happiness is something that has been on my mind a lot at the moment, will I be happy with the future? Am I happy with the people around me? Where can I be happy? 

For me, I've tried to minimise the concept of happiness to: people and myself, because I think these two variables can be mixed with a thousand others and still come out with the same result. If you have the right people around it doesn't matter where you are in the world for you to feel truly happy. The same with your own self, if you feel happy and can boldly say you are who you are, then you can be just as happy as the next, no matter the time or place. 


 People can be a tricky one. Finding someone who is completely supportive of you, who knows your deepest fears to support you, is important. There are a lot people out there. Around 7 billion to be exact, and if you take the time, and be highly selective, you will be able to find a few good ones who would put your complete self in front of them because they care that much. If you continue to surround yourself with toxic people, you won't accomplish everything you possibly can. It's, granted, extremely difficult to exile people from your life who don't support you in the right ways, but if push comes to shove and you one day realise that this isn't what is good for you, the shove is crucial. Luckily for me, I have at least one person (minus family of course) who supports me thoroughly and continues to flourish complete happiness into my life, and that's how I know that if I had even 3 of these around me, I would continuously & always stop to smell the roses.


Of course, relying happiness on people completely would be foolish and naive, because if these people were to exit for what ever reason, you wouldn't want to feel completely lost. Being happy with yourself can be an ultimately refreshing and exhilarating feeling. Walking out the door to not stop once to think of what she or he might be thinking about you, or what posting this image would create, is something, I know once I reach, that could never blemish happiness. I think something like that takes years of accomplishment. Especially at a young age, anything this complex would be seemingly unheard of, but the few unique ones should ultimately be praised for their braveness. Loving yourself completely is the bravest thing you could do in today's society where vain, conceited or arrogant is thrown around so easily by the weak.

Obviously, a lot more things can be taken into consideration when being happy, and it may be different for every other person, but for me, I'm still, and probably forever will be, working on being completely happy. I'll still wish everytime for whatever I'm doing - to be happy on a wish granting system.


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