The Superior And The Substandard

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



 Lancome Teint Miracle foundation USED to be my favourite foundation. I first purchased the foundation two years ago, and was matched excellently. The foundation gave me an airbrush effect that everyone would notice and compliment. I decided to re-purchase the foundation a few months ago and was told the new formula was due to seasonal changes. I had the 'winter' formula, even though it was spring. The winter formula sits on my face like clay, no matter how much I blend and blend and blend. Oddly enough the foundation always looks much better after a few hours, but having to wait hours for a foundation to look decent isn't what you pay for or should look for in a foundation.
The smell is still the same, if you dislike scented foundation this one isn't for you but I don't mind it as it's pleasant enough.

 The consistency reminds me of a luxurious moisturiser, which is something I've always enjoyed, but as soon as I start blending it into my skin, instead of sinking in and making my skin look excellent without the product being noticeable, it sits on the skin and looks as if someone has done a horrific photo shop job. I'm fairly sure my hostility to the foundation is purely down to being matched horrifically, as I'm sure I would feel more favourable if the colour suited me well (it didn't suit me without a tan, and doesn't suit me with one either) but the winter formula is something I wouldn't waste £2 never mind £29.50, which is the RRP in Boots at the moment. The summer formula which I had before may be another story as this is what I've had originally, but just like an ex boyfriend who you attempt to trust again - I'm wary to try again.



If you're looking for an affordable lipstick with pigmentation and staying power, look no further. Wet n Wild lipsticks have a broad range (which I'm sure some can be hit and miss) but the ones I picked up are surely a hit. I have 5 of these lipsticks, and would happily buy more if I could find a place that supplies the lipsticks in the UK. The ones previewed 'Bare it All' and 903C are my perfect nude colours. I also own a hot pink and a red that are pigmented and stay on much longer than any Mac lipstick I own. The packaging most definitely needs work and the formula almost always smudges onto it, so it is definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing lipstick. For the price and the quality, it would seem absurd to spend £20 on a lipstick when you could build a range of colours with these. 

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