Makeup Haul + More!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hey everyone!

I recently bought a lot of makeup, and wanted to share my opinions on them! I also got a few bits and pieces for my laptop and iPhone that I really love, and they're super cheap which makes it all the better!

I picked up my very own custom palette from Inglot! I chose all my favourite and most common colours. I mostly wanted this because of how often I travel up and down the country from home to uni. The colours are pigmented and really creamy. Some are better then others I'll be honest, and usually the shimmer colours all look very similar on the eye which was a bit disappointing. Im not totally blown away by this product, but I'm by no means disappointed. You pay a lot for it but it is a palette of all the colours you want. 

I also picked up the brightening powder from Inglot to put under my eyes. Its okay again, pretty cheap for the price but it doesn't totally blow me away either. The blush is pigmented from Kiko and for the price I would totally recommend it, I really want to try more of their blushes as blush is something I really want to fall in love with, but have never cared much for. 

I also really like the foundation I picked up from Boots for everyday use. The foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Skin foundation, and for the price I would so recommend it. The coverage is medium but if you wanted more coverage, it's really build-able as you can add another layer . The foundation also smells amazing, Im not sure what the healthy portion is as I've never researched it, but thats always a plus if there is!

 Can you believe it!!!!! I FINALLY got my hands on the Morphe 35O Palette. I am so excited to use this and honestly I was shocked with how beautiful it looked in person and not just in pictures. The palette is surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be due to images I've seen, so honestly the custom palette I bought was pretty useless as this looks totally ideal to travel with. The only thing its missing is a dusty rose colour which I love. 

I really enjoy the sticker for my macbook too, and the cute little iPhone case. These are both from Amazon and were below £10! 

I also picked up 3 makeup geek shadows. I'll probably do a separate blog on these as I wanted to talk about them a bit more. i also wanted to require more to the collection as I don't think 3 eyeshadows is enough to talk about. 

Watch out for a make up tutorial on my youtube channel using the Morphe 35O palette because it'll be coming soon with swatches of every colour and my truthful opinion of them! 

Thanks everyone! Catch you next time. 

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