Lets talk about brows: the best Anastasia product? + more!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hey guys, 

So today I wanted to talk all about brow products and my opinion on the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills products. 

As you can see I have three different types of the AHS brow products. The brow pomade, definer and wiz. 

I first started off using the wiz, I found out of all of these products, starting off with this is the easiest if you're looking for a way to edge into doing your brows. The colour I was given was a bit light so when I next purchased the definer I knew to go darker. The Wiz has the smallest nib and is easiest for filling in brows without making a colossal mess. 

Next up is the definer. I wanted to love this upon all the recommendations and ravings, buuuut, I didn't. The definer is better suited to those with big brows (which I don't have) as the nib is fat and can be hard to work with for my little eyebrows. I would often go really overboard and it would be a nightmare to try and fix it. So I would recommend this if you have larger brows and more experienced. 

The last AHS product I have only recently got my hands on is the brow pomade. This is for the real pros of brow drawing. Although this gives the best look, on first impression it's going to take a lot of practice to get the ideal shape and look. I'm hoping this one in time will turn out to be my favourite. Although I wouldn't say this one is ideal for travelling as you'll have to bring extra tools and brushes. Here's what I use: 

I use a Zoeva 317 wing liner brush, which works amazing for both, what it entails: wing liner, and eyebrow drawing. I would totally recommend this if you were looking to buy a nice brush. 

I've had the spoolie brush since I pretty much started wearing makeup so I have no idea where it's from, but this is really helpful for brushing out the product. 

For gel, I use the benefit brow gel and I absolutely love it. For some reason I really think brow gel ties the look together. 

The odd one out in the brow product family is the mac eyebrow definer. This was my first eyebrow product and is very dark for me now, but I occasionally use it to define the outer half of my brows. This product tended to crumble and break a lot, and it did dry out very quickly. That's something the AHS products have on the mac eyebrow pencil, the creaminess. Yet, the mac one isn't necessarily a bad eyebrow product to have. 

Hope any tips helped if you're trying to decide between popular brands!

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