My Everyday Skincare! + How to get clear skin

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hey Guys!

Here is my everyday skincare routine! Until 15 i had practically perfect skin, I rarely even suffered from a blemish and when I did they were small and would pass after a day. When starting sixth form, my skin took a turn for the worst and started developing acne and acne scaring turned into dark spots. My skin had gotten to the point where I was ashamed and embarrassed to leave the house without some type of coverage. For the next two years I purchased a lot of different products and tried whacky home remedies to try and get the acne and dark spots to disappear, I was determined to get clear skin again.

When I mean whacky skincare, I tried a whole bunch of weird things. My mum would make me put home grown aloe vera gel on my imperfections. I tried a cumin powder facial (which is when I realised I was allergic to cumin)....(Big disaster), I would try honey facials. I tried a lot of the 'hacks' out there. Nothing worked. 

My skin only really started to improve when I would diet correctly and when I got my hands on an american skincare brand called Mary Kay. The Mary Kay clearproof cleanser was a miracle worker, and the only reason it isn't in my skincare routine now is because I ran out and can't get my hands on it in the UK (I will be purchasing more when I return to the US without a doubt). I'm now trying out the Kiehl's Blue Herbal gel cleanser, which I actually found out Kylie Jenner uses! Herbal products are really important on your skin, because layering it with chemicals makes it harder for your skin to breathe, and can actually worsen the condition. 

I love the Lush Toners, and haven't gone to any chemical based toners since trying it. I have very oily skin so toners are really important to me, and the tea tree oil one helps with the fading of dark spots. 

Because dark spots were my main concern, I splurged and purchased the Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector serum and moisturiser.  Make no mistake, this is going to rob your bank account, but I really believe this is one of the main things that made my dark spots fade. You won't see much progression immediately, but you'll look at your skin 3 months later and celebrate the fact it's clearing up. 

Drinking plenty water is really important for your skin, cutting out fizzy drinks and sweets is really going to help. Something to note that also didn't work for me was using bio oil and tea tree oil. 

Although my experience is only my experience, and every skin type is different and will react in different ways, I hope I've helped a little.

Thanks everyone! 

Remember: Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturise! 

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