Get Glowy Skin This Summer!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This summer, everyone is looking to be a glowing greek goddess. Using these two products have made a massive difference when attempting to get this look, which I'm normally too chicken to attempt with my oil bucket type skin. 

I had heard raves about the Lumi Magique Primer online. Originally I wasn't intending to go in to purchase this, I was looking for the L'Oreal Pro Glow foundation but realised they didn't sell this yet in the UK (bloody typical). I was determined I wanted to find a glowy foundation, ever since I had Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation, I knew glowy skin was achievable but risky with my skin type. When I first pumped the product out I was terrified. I thought my skin was going to look like a disco ball, and for the price I had paid (granted not as much as high end make up) I didn't want it to be a waste. The RRP of this product retails at £10 at Boots, which is the priciest drugstore primer I had. I applied it onto the skin with my fingers and blended the product hoping it would look better than in a puddle on my hand. When it was completely blended, I looked like I had laid on a beach for 3 hours and my skin was glowing. There is no shimmer or chunks of glitter, simply a gleam type highlight. I would totally recommend this to any one with any skin type. I even wear this under matte foundations now, and it lasts perfectly all day. 

The foundation that truly puts the icing on the cake for me is the It Cosmetics CC cream. If someone told me this was a medium coverage foundation I would fully believe them, the benefit of it being a CC Cream is its extra creaminess and nourishing effects on the skin. It Cosmetics isn't sold anywhere in UK shops yet (again - bloody typical), but it is sold on this: website, which has free shipping to the UK when you spend over 35 US dollars. You can easily look on to find a shade to match you perfectly (I love these accounts for helping me buy foundation online). This CC Cream is medium coverage, moisturising, blendable, and leaves an amazing sheen and glow to the skin. 

Hope my reviews help! 

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