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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I've been SO excited to write this blogpost for the longest time and yet just never found the time to do so, but here it finally is! I've been collecting makeup since I was around 12 years old, so my collection has grown along with my obsession. Some would say I have a lot of makeup for the average girl, some would also say I don't. I'm not here to brag, it's only makeup at the end of the day, so if it's something you'll get angry at reading about then this isn't the place for you. This is going to be quite a long blog post, so grab a cuppa and a snack.

My vanity mirror was given to me for my 19th birthday present. The mirror and lights are from Ikea and my dad kindly built it for me. The pots that my makeup brushes are kept in are from B&Ms along with the little glass rock pebbles in them to keep the brushes in place. The container keeping my lipsticks in: 

is from The Range, there's two placed on top of one another. The little mason jar keeping Qtips in is from Primark and my lipstick holder placed on my shelf is from TK Maxx:
I keep my main makeup within these custom built drawers: 
That sounds really fancy, but basically when I got my fitted wardrobes in my house when I first moved in they just built drawers to match them.

Now where do I start with the actual makeup. To make it easier for everyone, my absolute favourites will be marked with this small heart: ♡ next to it. Then I might write another blogpost on my all time favourite things in my collection.

In my first drawer all my face products are kept, along with beauty blenders. 

The image above is separated into BB/CC Creams (bottom) and actual foundations (top). The above image is foundations, going left ➝ right, I own Bourjois healthy skin serum in beige clear♡, Benefits Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation in beige, Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation in 5.5, Loreal's infallible matte foundation in Honey and Bourjois' Healthy mix foundation in dark beige. 
In the bottom picture, starting from the two on top, beginning from the left is Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer in Fawn and Darphins CC Cream in Medium. From the bottom starting left is IT Cosmetics CC Cream in medium♡  and Rimmel's radiance BB cream in medium. 

Here are my concealers and primers! Starting with concealers at the top (beginning from the left ➝), there's Nars creamy concealer in Ginger, Naked Skin Concealer in med light♡ , Maybelline's eraser eye concealer in nude, and two collection 2000 concealers. 
Starting from the left ➝ again with primers at the bottom, there is Nivea Mens post balm aftershave, Smashbox photo finish dark spot corrector, Loreal's lumi magique and Loreal's infallible matte primer. 

This image is separated into powders and highlights. From the top starting left➝, Givenchy's skin fusion powder, NYX Translucent powder, NYX colour correcting powder in banana♡, Revlon's Naked powder in light, Maybelline's powder foundation in light, and Inglots translucent setting powder.
 Below this is The Balms: The Manizer sisters highlight ( a trio of all the balms highlights) and Mac's gold deposit highlight. 

Here are my blushes! Beginning from the left➝: Mac's Dainty, Mac's Blush Baby, Bourjois' sandal wood, Kiko 108, Max Factor's Alluring Rose, Maybelline Dream bouncy blush in peach satin and Avon's Russet.

Now we're up to my second drawer. In one container I keep single eyeshadows, and in the other is a mixture of mascaras, and eyeliners. Below these are eyelashes and the odd misc. item like a sharpener or another beauty blender. 

This is going to be a tricky one to describe haha. So at the top are all my eyeliners. Starting from the left➝ again, There is Rimmels eye shadow stick in rose gold, Urban Decay's pencil eyeliner in Demolition, UD in Stray Dog, Lancome's le crayon khol liner in Noir, UD in Underground, Rimmel Liner in Nude, Bobbi Brown Liner in Mahogany♡, UD in Zero♡, Maybelline Gel Liner in black♡, Benefits They're real push up Liner in Black, Avon's super extend liner in Plum and next to that Brown, NYX matte liquid liner in black, and finally The Balm's Shwing liner in Black. 

At the bottom of the image, there are all my single eyeshadows. Starting from the very top left, MUA'S Chestnut, MUA'S Bronze, MUA'S Onyx, The Body Shops Copper, Mac's Rubenesque paint pot, Mac's Painterly paint pot, Mac's Last Dance, Mac's Boom Boom Boom, Mac's All that glitters, Mac's Sable. Going back to the start in the bottom row, there is MUA's Bronze, MUA's Copper x2, Loreal's Lumiere. Next to this the two pigments are both Mac, the top Tan and the bottom Copper. The Mac duo is in redbrick (left) and Nylon♡. A cream tattoo eyeshadow by Maybelline in On and On Bronze is placed above this. Next to the cream pot, There is Mac's Mythology, Mac's I like to watch, Mac's Gleam. Directly under Mac's Gleam is Slow fast slow, next to this ⇦ Let's Boogie, and finally lastly: Mac's Get Physical. That was very confusing, so sorry if you got lost in all of that haha. 

Next in the drawer is my mascaras. From left ➝ onwards beginning at the top, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara♡, Rimmel's lash accelerator, Maybelline Rocket Volume Express, Benefit Roller Lash, Loreal Telescopic♡, Tarte lights Camera Splashes, UD Perversion, Loreal Telescopic again, Absolute Lashes by W7 and YSL Volume effect faux mascara. 
The bottom image has mini travel sized mascaras. From left ➝: Benefits They're Real, 3 Clinique Mascaras, Lancome Mascara, UD Subversion♡ Twice, Lorac's primer for the eyes♡, UD Midnight Cowboy glitter and Barry M's snow globe. 

Now we're at my last draw! You'd think I'd nearly be finished, but oh no! There's a lot more to come. Here I keep all of my palettes. 
From left to right, The Balms Nude Dude, Lorac's Pro 2 Palette♡, Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette.
Left➝. Inglot's Custom Made Palette, Chilli Pepper Elegant Eyes in Slate (VERY old palette), a custom palette I POORLY made out of random eyeshadow sets, and my Z Palette filled with Make Up Geek Shadows. 

As always Left➝, starting at the top, Revolution's Palette in: What are you waiting for♡, two Estee Lauder Eye palettes, and another Revolution Palette in: Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

Below this from Left➝, UD Naked Palette, A Lancome palette, and an Anastasia Beverly Hills eye palette in World Traveller♡.  

The last bottom image from Left➝, a Revolution face palette in Hot Spice, Mac's cool neutrals palette and revolutions Hot Spice Palette. 

Here are all my Morphe Palettes. Major ♡♡♡ for everyone of these. The top is my beloved 35O Palette♡, below from the left is my 9BZ palette and next to this the 9B Blush palette. Along side the big Morphe palette is a Kardashian eyeshadow set. 

That's all my makeup! Now, all that's left to show is my lipstick, plus brow stuff which isn't kept in my main drawers. This may not sound like it'll be a lot, but buckle up. I've had an obsession with lipsticks for a while now. Out of all my makeup collection, my lipsticks are definitely the biggest. I've recently went through a cleaning of loads I never used so I have learnt to love and let go. Starting with my plastic draws: 

I keep my Mac Lipsticks in here, except from one that doesn't fit. 
I know it's annoying to keep saying it, but again from Left➝: 
Ravishing, Speak Louder, Patisserie, Lustering, See Sheer, Mocha, Russain Red, Dark Side, Bare Again and Cherish. 
I keep my Revlon Lipsticks in here. I went through a big clear out of these as I may have had a bit too many since 14 year old Sarah couldn't control herself. 

Left➝: Love that Red, Rum Raisin, Blushing Mauve, Cherries in the Snow, Fire and Ice, Coffee Bean & Blushed. 

Next is my latest obsession: NYX matte lip creams.

Left➝: Antwerp, Prague, Milan, Buenos Aires, Stockholm♡, Istanbul, Canes, Stochholm again, Angel Food Cake, and Angel Food Cake again. 

Next is my liquid lip draw.

Starting Left➝: Revolution: Black Heart, Vamp, What I Believe, Depravity, Keep Flying For you. MUA: Reckless, Kooky. Max Factor (un named) . Clinique: Chubby Stick Super Strawberry. 
My last draw is a bit of a misc. draw. It's home to Kylie Lip Kits♡ and brow products!
Left➝: 2 of Benefits Brow Gel, Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce (not actually mine, just keeping it for a friend) Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K♡, Rimmel brow gel, Mac Brow Liner (name removed from over use). Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade and below the new Benefit brow gel mini, and finally the Anastasia B Hill brow definer. 

Okay, okay. I promise I'm almost done. The last thing I own is all my lipsticks in the little lipstick holder on my shelf. 
Left➝: NYX Bare it All x2 and Smokin Hot Pink. Clinique's Chubby Sticks in: Mighty Mimosa, Mega Melon and Super Strawberry. Revlon's matte balm in Fierce.

Left➝: Sugar tinted lip treatment in Petal, UD Black mail, Mac Grande Dame, Clinique: poppy pop and melon pop. Smashbox: Posy Pink and Melon drama.

Left➝: MUA: Juicy, Bourjois: Nudist, MUA: Shade 1, W7: In the pink, Revlon colour stay: New York Scene, Revlon colour burst; Tooty fruity, Rimmel London: Super Sexy, Asai. Bite Beauty: Fig and Date DUO, Nars: Moscow.

Left➝: Clinique: Cider Berry, Dolce and Gabanna: Ruby, NO7: Classic Rose, MUA: Bare, Loreal: Erotic, Angel Cosmetics: 12, Jack Wills: Rosewood.

Left➝: Two Ted Baker lipsticks *un named*, Avon's: Superb Wine and Au natural, Maybelline: Pink punch and Coral Fever, YSL: no.7, Rimmel: 107. 

Left➝: (LIPLINERS) Topshop:*un named*, Rimmel: East end snob, Cappuccino, Addiction, Kiko: 301, Rimmel: Spice, NYX: Nude Pink, Lancome: Rose, Spoilt Rotten: Red, Fusia, Dark Plum, Burgundy. 
UD sample lipstick in Bad Blood, Estee Lauder Pure colour lipgloss in Plum Divine and Innocence, and FINALLY: Victoria Secret Lip Plumper. 

Typing all this up, I now can confirm I have a sick obsession. Some people collect stamps, I collect make up.

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