My August Wishlist!

Friday, July 28, 2017


Hello guys!

I've created a little wishlist for things I've been lusting over. Some of these things I'll actually aim to purchase or get by the end of the month, other things, like the Gucci bag for example, is just a pipe dream sadly. 

Starting with number 1: Topshop Jamie Jeans. I currently have Joni jeans by Topshop as my staple black jeans, but these have started to look very tired and just don't fit me right anymore. I also would really love some belt hoops in my next pair of black jeans, I sometimes think a staple belt can really pull an outfit together. 

Number 2 is my next hair project. My hair is very similar to this already but looks drab and a bit worn out now. I've never enjoyed how stripey I feel my hair is. I'm planning on trying to make the step to go balayage now. I'm not sure how the hairdresser would do it as I already have a lot of blonde highlights in my hair, so it's a potential it may never happen. 

Number 3 is that big pipe dream: a Gucci Dionysus suede bag. I have been OBSESSED with this bag since it started hitting the blogger scene. If only I had 1,700 lying around! I'm on the look out for any cool dupes to this bag though, so stay tuned. 

Number 4 is an All Saints leather jacket. I first bought my 'grown up' leather jacket at Topshop, in the sale, but it just didn't fit my body shape well, I ended up never wearing it and giving it away. I've been lusting over All Saints jackets since I can remember, alas my bank account screams and runs terrified at just the thought of paying what their RRP. So this could very well be a pipe dream until I can save up (or sell a lung). 

Number 5 is something I've um'd and aw'd about for the longest time. I have two Longchamp Le Pliage bags, khaki and black, that have had a good wear at uni, but always wanted the backpack. If it would fit my laptop it would be a sure buy, but Im pretty sure its on the smaller size. 

Lastly, Number 6 is something I've seen a lot of people wear and they look pretty cool with a casual outfit. However these trainers are incredibly hard to find, so hard in fact I couldn't even find a link for them! I've come pretty far to even want trainers as I've always been a boots girl, but comfort over style is starting to become my new motto, probably because Im pretty lazy and don't really care much at university anymore haha. 

Thanks for reading! If you want any things on my wishlist I've tagged each image with a link of where you can get it. 

- Sarah 

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