The Wall: Social Media Campaign

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Facebook partnered with EdVentures to give students the opportunity to run their own Facebook Social Media Campaign to challenge hate speech. 

Our campaign: The Wall is an anti hate speech campaign that aims to educate University students on how to overcome the hate speech they may face day to day. Our society has built up a metaphorical wall, we aim to tear it down. 

I designed the website for this campaign, found here:

And also created the video that can be seen above, that acted as the campaigns anchor: used for the Facebook cover video, and the websites background. 

My role consisted of managing the Facebook page, and releasing/creating content to be released on the page. This involved handling ad credit, and being able to work around the Ad Manager section, as well as boosting posts. 

The campaign was a complete success, gaining thousands of views. If you would like to view the campaign's facebook page, find it here:
let us know what you think! 

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